Yes Watch Equilibrium
Yes WorldWatch Version 7

The cycles of time, the fabric of our lives.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7

Time and space are so many things. Events and memories. Past, present, and future. When it comes to the art and science of time keeping there are basically three fundamental cycles we have counted since the dawn of existence:

  • First. The daily spinning of the earth. Day and night, 24 hours.
  • Second. The lunar cycle. 29.53 days from each full moon to the next.
  • Third. The solar year, 365.24 days before it starts again.

The challenge our forefathers of time kept running into was that these 3 cycles don't neatly divide into each other. They all spin to their own tune. Follow one and the other two eventually goes out of sync. It was a massive undertaking to create an accurate calendar and time keeping system that stayed in sync with all these 3 cycles. For agriculture, for prayer, for life, for community.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7

Not until chip technology became available did it become possible to harness the insights and subtle nuances of all these 3 cycles on that little spot on your wrist.

The YES watches do exactly that, and the new WorldWatch does it better than ever. To the minute, for wherever you are. It is by far the best timekeeper we have put together. An independent mini computer of time, like a sundial on your wrist.

"Now we need your help to get the WW V7 manufactured. We got 4 of them here, fully operational, fully developed, ready for manufacture. We're looking to produce 1000 of them out the gate and to that end we are offering some great early bird specials on KickStarter."

Black Satin WorldWatch V7 with 5-link bracelet
Polished WorldWatch V7 on a soft strap
Polished WorldWatch V7 with a 3-link bracelet
Satin WorldWatch V7 on choice of soft strap
Black Polished WorldWatch V7 with 3-link bracelet