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Yes Watch Equilibrium Collection
YES Wrist Watches
Yes Wrist Watch

Nature's Time Keeper

YES World Watches combine
the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon,
with the steady beat of hours, minutes and seconds.

At a glance, your YES Watch will tell you times
for sunrise and sunset, for moonrise and moonset,
lunar phase and percent illumination,
as well as analog, digital and military time
for wherever you are on the planet.

YES Watches also alert you to solstices, equinoxes,
and cross-quarters, and predict time and date for the
next new and full moons through the year 2099.

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YES Solunar Wrist Watches

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Phase and Percent Illumination

YES Solunar Wrist Watches discover a new world of luxury timekeeping, joining the hours, minutes, seconds of digital time to the planetary illumination of earth and moon traveling about the sun. The unique YES Solunar Watch LCD display best shows the cycles of natural time, the ratio of day and night, times for sunrise and sunset, solar high noon, moonrise and moonset, as well as lunar phase and percent illumination for wherever you are in the world. All YES wrist watches are pre-programmed for 583 cities worldwide. But global travelers off the beaten track can set their YES watch by latitude and longitude, wherever adventure takes them.

Track time in multiple locations. The YES Watch digital display tracks two locations, while the watch bezel can be set to a third. A 24-hour hand shows military time on a 24 hour dial, 12 o'clock noon on top, midnight on bottom. Once set, YES Solunar Watches automatically update daily through the year 2099. Watches include a 99 minute timer with alarm, as well as a sunset alarm.

Celebrate Winter and Summer Solstice, Spring and Fall Equinox, and Cross-Quarters as your YES Wrist Watch LCD marks each event by displaying a distinctive ray pattern across the watch face. Leave those solunar tables at home. YES Solunar Wrist Watches feature a past and future date solunar calculator for all sun, moon and time data.

Travelers and Nature Lovers, Astronomers and Stargazers, Pilots and Yachtsmen, Fishermen and Hunters, Photographers and Filmmakers use your YES Solunar Watch to plan ahead for Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and cross-quarters, and Solar High Noon anywhere in the world by latitude and longitude. Anticipate the peak activities of fish and game and all nature's creatures, and those magic golden hours and blue hours of distinctive natural lighting opportunity.

Choose: 24-hour Bezel, Symbol Bezel, Solunar Bezel. Explore our full collection of YES Solunar Wrist Watches for men and women for the special features and the particular style of bezel best for you. See our 24-hour Bezel (Zulu) watches emphasizing technical and military time, and our Symbol Bezels (Inca) and Solunar Bezels (Kundalini) for different aesthetically pleasing approaches to experiencing the natural cycles of the sun and the moon. The Yes Cozmo and WorldWatch II collections include watches in all three bezel styles. And while they last, there are a few limited edition Inca and Kundalini watches specially fitted with 24-hour Bezels.

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