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Holiday Sale: The silver tone Equilibrium

The silver tone Equilibrium

Whether you are a kindred seeker or an extreme daredevil, this watch will help you plan whatever adventure that is up ahead with total accuracy and confidence. Titanium construction, 10 ATM with near white LCD, 24+1 tritium tubes on 24-hour dial and hand. Your choice of one bezel design and one strap of either NATO, silicon or leather. Jewelers tools, IM and recharge clip/wire included in custom box. Two Year Limited Warranty.

#EQ-10 Regular $695
Holiday special $445

Holiday Sale: The black Equilibrium

The black Equilibrium

Fitted on a 3-link duo-finish bracelet with locking clasp, this time piece will serve reliably from battle field to board room, from Harley to cockpit. Pre-programmed for 650 cities worldwide, it is the perfect time companion for travelers. Photographers use it capture the golden hour; astronomers use it to predict the best time for stargazing. Constructed to 10 ATM water-resistance with a scratch proof sapphire crystal. Now is the time to get yours.

#EQ-53 Regular $995
Holiday special $645

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Equilibrium Sunset

The one and only wristwatch that synchronizes the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon with the constant ticking of hours, minutes and seconds.


Once you study time keeping beyond the springs, mechanisms and luxury bragging rights, you will find a millennia long history of understanding, evolution and insights into time. Calendars and time keeping were spawned by the heavens above, by the stars, by the sun and the moon, everything else followed. It is in this realm that the Equilibrium finds its inspiration and ancestry.

Putting a smarter face on time.

Equilibrium Functions

At a glance the 24-hour watch face will synchronize the steady beat of hours, minutes and seconds with the seasonal and natural cycles of the sun and the moon. The orange dial gives you times for sunrise, sunset, twilight, solar high noon and solar midnight. The yellow dial gives you times for moonrise, moonset and lunar high noon or lunar midnight. The moon phase display is accompanied by waxing/ waning arrows and the digital display will read out a comprehensive list of time data unparalleled in the watch making world.

Solstice Comparison

On the 8 annual turning points of the sun the inner yellow dial will alert you to the event. These are solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter dates. The yellow dial will display a changing checkered pattern for these dates throughout the year. At the top of the hour the event name and exact time is displayed.

Here is the time information the EQ provides for 650 cities worldwide through the years 2000-2099:

  • Sun Rise - Zenith - Sun Set,
  • Civil Twilight = CT,
  • Nautical Twilight = NT,
  • Astronomical Twilight = AT
  • Solstices - Equinoxes - Cross Quarters
  • SR/SS Alarm with 0-60 minute pre-alarm
  • Moon Rise - Moon Set
  • Lunar High Noon = LHN,
  • Moon Phase - % illuminance,
  • Time and Date for next:
    New Moon = NM
    Full Moon = FM
  • HR : MIN : SEC in AM/PM or 2400 format
  • Date - Month - Day - Location
  • Day Of Year = DOY - Week # -Year
  • Latitude / Longitude - Time Zone
  • Daylight Saving Time = DST
  • Daily Alarm with 10 minute snooze
  • 99 Minute Timer
  • Cuckoo Alarm with choice of hour range 00-23
  • Count DOWN/UP for set time and date
  • Regatta Alarm with postpone and stopwatch
  • StopWatch with Lap Times to 1/100 of a second
  • Digital Compass with degrees readout
  • Seven Languages included
  • Five different bezel designs:
    2400 - AM/PM - Roman - Solunar - Symbol
  • Back Light
  • 10 ATM water resistance
  • Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Titanium with Sapphire crystal
  • Titanium, NATO, Silicon and Leather straps
PCB abd Back Plate

Our forefathers of time were masters in reading and understanding the heavens above. Not until chip technology became available was it possible to harness it all to fit on your wrist.

Equilibrium Box

Delivered to your door, ready to wear.

We will set the watch for you to the nearest minute and make sure it has enough charge to make it to you before we ship.

30 day money back guarantee.

It is not alltogether comforting to buy something sight unseen from a web site. We get that. After receipt of watch, we're happy to give you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Check it out, try it on, we're confident you'll find it impressive and big, just don't scratch it. If you want a refund simply send the watch back to our offices. Once received we'll send you a refund. Thank you!