Yes Watch WorldWatch V7
Yes WorldWatch Version 7
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V7 time data, tech specs
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The following are the specifications for all the YES WorldWatch V7 watches:

  • Preprogrammed for 650 cities worldwide through year 2099.
  • Location can also be set by LAT/LON and it has 10 cities always kept in memory.
  • Digital time, LCD display and hand automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone.
  • DST can also be manually turned ON and OFF.
  • Times for sunrise, zenith, sunset, twilight (all 3 levels) and true midnight.
  • Sunrise and sunset alarm with 0-99 minutes pre-alarm.
  • Equinox, solstice and cross quarter day alerts with event times.
  • Times for moonrise, moonset, moon phase, % illumination plus exact time and date for the next new and full moons.
  • LCD ARC day/night display with twilight.
  • HRS:MIN:SEC in AM/PM or 2400 format.
  • Month, date, day, year and DOY.
  • Regular set alarm with 10 minute snooze, 99 minute timer, top of the hour alarm with user choice of active range and 999 day countdown/up.
  • 24 hour stop with with lap time and memory measured in 1/100 of a second.
  • Electronic compass with NSEW direction and degree readout.
  • 7 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Rechargeable battery via Clip 2.0 charging. 3  months plus of operation on one full night of charging with a battery life of 5 years plus. The battery can be replaced.
  • Crisp night time viewing provided by 24+1 tritium tubes on dial+hand coupled with the electroluminescent back light.
  • Unique software time trim allows for adjusting the watch  to a +/-0.5 second monthly accuracy.
  • Ronda Swiss Made servo driven 24-hour analog hand.
  • 46x16mm case, 22 mm lug nut width, adjustable locking clasp on titanium bracelets.
  • Titanium case construction with scratch proof sapphire crystal to 10 ATM water resistance.
  • Your choice of bezel design, color, finish, bracelet and soft straps.
  • Comes in a sturdy box made for worldwide shipping. Instruction Manual and jewelers tools included.
  • Two Year Warranty.
Yes WorldWatch V7 Weights

Across the planet there are upwards of 20 different Daylight Saving Time systems. The WorldWatch incorporates all of them in the programming for the relevant cities and automatically adjusts for them. If need be, DST can also be turned ON and OFF manually.

Check out this video to see what happens at the time of DST change.
Yes WorldWatch Moon Cycle
Yes WorldWatch V7 Back Light
Yes WorldWatch Arc LCD
Yes WorldWatch V7 Twilight
Yes WorldWatch V7 Arrow Hand
In video clip below you can see how the WorldWatch switches time between your HOME and AWAY city.
This video shows you how to set the outer yellow LCD ring to show times for either MOONRISE/MOONSET or SUNRISE/SUNSET for the alternate city.
This clip shows you how to set the WorldWatch to one of the 7 languages.
This video shows you how to engage the compass.
Frozen Square