"Give me a hammer and I can destroy any watch in 15 seconds or less."

Repair & Warranty

Building a watch from scratch is a lot easier said than done. We are fully committed to our watches and our main goal is to make you happy with your YES watch purchase.

The cardinal sin in watch wearing is operating the buttons while your are submerged or in contact with water. The double o-rings on button stem will seal firmly when static, but once pushed you can momentarily breach the seal and water will try to get in. This goes for all watch buttons, not just ours.

The no-no with rechargeable batteries is to let them sit flat, uncharged, dead, with no juice. Just a short time in this state will severly reduce the lenght of battery life and ability to retain power. You want to keep your EQ charged.

A Firm Answer

If something goes wrong.

Take a picture of the damage, along with an explanation of the problem, send us an e-mail to info@yeswatch.com and we'll trouble shoot the problem to find a quick and easy solution for you. If you need to ship your watch to us for repair send it to:

YES Watch Repair
687 Turquoise Street
La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
858 729 0703

Please remember to include complete return information along with phone number and e-mail.

Battery Exchange.

Powering a watch has always been a tricky proposition. The wind-up spring with an escapement mechanism was the flag bearer for centuries. With the need for electricity to run a watch, batteries became the new key ingredient.

The classic round face watch collections have two batteries in them:

  • One for the analog hand in the Ronda Swiss made 24 hour movement: A V364 lithium battery with an estimated run time of 5 years.
  • A second battery for the digital LCD and chip operations, the lithium CR2032 with an estimated run time of 12 month, pending use.

This big battery sit on top of the small one. The battery exchange procedure easily proved to be the most challenging aspect of customer service. For every right move there is a wrong one. The most important move is NOT to take the module out of the watchcase when exchanging the batteries. Hold the module firmly in the case when working on it. We suggest you send your watch to us for the procedure. If you want to use a local jeweler or do it yourself, make sure to read this attachment carefully before you begin: Round Face Watch Battery Exchange Hints.

Version 4.0 Battery Compartments.

The all digital oval face watch collections have one battery in them:

  • A CR2025 lithium battery with an estimated run time of 2 years.

We suggest you send your watch to us for the procedure. If you want to use a local jeweler or do it yourself, make sure to read this attachment carefully before you begin: Oval Face Watch Battery Exchange Hints. For the oval case construction it is even more critical to NOT remove the module from the case when exchanging the batteries.

Both the round and oval watches are fitted with a battery icon that will come on when the battery goes low. This indicator can be affected by temporary battery drain by applying the backlight and isn't altogether reliable. A sure sign to tell that the battery is about to die is when the backlight is engaged and the digits fades for a while. Also, a frozen or flashing display sometimes accompanied by beeping the alarm, indicates a battery problem that usually reseating or replacing the battery will fix.

Caring for and maintaining the rechargeable battery in the Equilibrium.

The custom made rechargeable battery for the EQ is conservatively estimated to give a 5-year battery lifetime. Maintained properly I think it will last much longer. The most critical part of maintaining the battery is to NOT let it go flat and sit like that for any length of time. It will seriously shorten battery life and reduce the ability to retain power.

Charging the EQ watch battery often is good for it. Pushing and holding the B button for 3 seconds will display battery indicator in 4 levels. Regardless of battery read-out you want to charge it overnight for a full charge.

The rechargeable battery is replaceable. It is plugged into the PCB with a tiny plug. Exchanging this battery is a delicate procedure, it requires opening up the watch, so we will recommend you sending it to us, but it is engineered in such a way that a handy guy or a jeweler can do it following our explicit instructions.

Batteries are not covered by warranty.


When you attach the watch to the recharge clip the light will turn to red. When charged 75% the light will turn green.

Two Year Limited Warranty.

YES watch warrants all components of this product, except battery and societal time changes beyond our control, to be free of defect in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of two years from date of purchase.

YES watch will, at its discretion, repair or replace the product at no charge for parts and labor.

The warranty does not apply to failures caused by misuse, fire, tampering or any consequential claims resulting from use and /or application. Send warranted product with proof of date of purchase and postage paid to the address listed on our web site.

Please include your name and address for return shipment.

Electro magnetic compass with NSEW and degree readout.

Electro magnetic compass with NSEW and degree readout.