Yes WorldWatch Version 7

the steward of time
comes home

V7 satin silvertone, orange LCD, on softstrap

The YES WorldWatch V7 reconnects the constant ticking of the 23:59:59 with the daily, monthly and seasonal cycles of the the sun and the moon. It brings insights into managing time not found in any other time piece.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7

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YES WorldWatch V7 Collection

V7 satin silvertone, blue LCD, on softstrap

blue sky

The WorldWatch is an old school 24-hour clock, overlaid with the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon, utilizing state of the art chip and LCD technology.

12 o'clock noon is on top, midnight on the bottom. The light top section of the display gives you actual length of daytime, the dark bottom section shows length of night. The ray portion indicates twilight and the smaller circle indicates moon phase.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Tritium Tubes At Night

The 24 T100 tritium tubes on the dial plus one on the hand, combined with the electro luminescent backlight, offers a crisp night time read-out.

The V7 is pre-programmed to 650 cities, of which your top 10 are always kept in memory. This video shows how the V7 changes time between HOME and AWAY location.

V7 polished silvertone, blue LCD, 3-link bracelet

the classic

This combination of the V7 is the one that carries forward the classic WorldWatch design the most. A brightly polished case with the 3-link bracelet and a sky blue symbol bezel. Robust 22mm lug nuts with screw pins keeps the titanium bracelet firmly in place.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Twilight Comparison

With or without twilight? At the push of a button to the minute times for sunrise, sunset, zenith and times for all three levels of twilight will display.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Back Plate

The V7 is manufactured in titanium fitted with an AG sapphire crystal to 10 ATM water-resistance. Each is serial numbered and comes with a Two Year Limited Warranty.

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V7 polished black, blue LCD, 3-link bracelet

black is beautiful

A deep black IP plating of the titanium case and bracelet makes for a handsome and stealthy wrist companion. These have been fitted with the yellow solunar and the AM/PM bezel. You have a choice of 4 different bezel designs in 4 different colors.

V7 satin black, blue LCD, 5-link bracelet
V7 polished silvertone, orange LCD, 3-link bracelet

my favorite

A brightly polished titanium case fitted with the classic 3-link bracelet. The symbol bezel can be used as a code for your daily events. The symbols also align with the hour markers. The locking clasp has 4 holes allowing for a perfect fit. The metallic orange makes it shine it like a ray of light.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Side View
V7 polished silvertone, orange LCD, on softstrap

big and bold

A lean and mean time machine. Knows time like no other. Whether you are headed for an extreme adventure or a kindred walk in silence, this time keeper helps you plan for it with confidence.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-3R-SS Views
V7 polished black, orange LCD, 3-link bracelet

wisdom matters

In this watch the entire LCD face display has been set to show local times for sunrise and sunset. The 2400 bezel is set to show time in Moscow. The unique time trim feature allows you to set the 23:59:59 to an accuracy of +/- 0.5 sec/mo.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Open Back
V7 satin black, orange LCD, 5-link bracelet

from battlefield to boardroom

This one has been set to show time for San Diego. The yellow dial in the LCD had been set to show day and night in Oslo. The rotating 2400 bezel has been set to tell time for Bangkok. The V7 is an instrument of time. The readouts below indicate some of the time data it holds.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Digit Display
V7 polished silvertone, blue LCD, soft strap

high noon

This one has been fitted with the sky blue solunar bezel and silicon strap. Putting the V7 on the silicon strap will offer the snuggest fit on a smaller wrist.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-3B-SS Side View
V7 satin silvertone, blue LCD, 5-link bracelet

satin beauty

A soft satin finish on case and every other bracelet link. Sturdy 22 mm lug nuts with screw pin and a protective collar on the buttons. The clasp offers 4 adjustments for a perfect fit. Shown with the sky blue AM/PM bezel.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5B Views
V7 satin silvertone, orange LCD, 5-link bracelet

essential timekeeping

The most comprehensive representation of time ever found on a watch face. At a certain angle the gold plated satin arrow hand sparkles in the light.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Gold Reflecting Hand
Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View
Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View

Your choice of 4 bezel designs in 4 different colors.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View

Your choice of silicone, NATO or leather strap.
Standard lug nut width of 22 mm.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View

Ships in a sturdy box with extra compartments for tools, straps, charger and instruction manual.