Yes WorldWatch Version 7 Yes WorldWatch Inspired By The Sun

Inspired by the sun.

Yes WorldWatch 7G On Wrist

Very happy with the latest production of the YES WorldWatch V7, a beautiful rose gold case with the arrow hand and a matching classic bracelet. It is constructed to 10 ATM water resistance in grade 2 titanium with an AG sapphire crystal. On a single night of charging you get up to three months of battery life. Fitted with the orange bezel it sparkles just like sun.

Yes WorldWatch 7G Collage

Built for exploration.

The YES WorldWatch V7 is pre-programmed to 650 cities worldwide. It combines the constant ticking of hours, minutes and seconds with the daily, monthly and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon. It also alerts you to solstices and equinoxes and keep times for moon rise, moon set, moon phase plus time and date for the next new and full moon. The V7 knows time like no other. To get one for yourself or somebody you love, click here.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Side Logos

Customize your watch face.

You can choose from 6 bezel designs in 4 colors for the rotating bezel. Cases come in a satin or polished finish, with rose gold, silver tone and black color options. Two Year Warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Bezel Choices
Yes WorldWatch V7 Soft Straps

Your choice of silicone, NATO or leather strap.
The screwpins works really well for switching NATO bands.
Standard lug nut width of 22 mm.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Wireless Charging

On a full night of charging you get up to 3 months of battery life.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Back Light

The tritium tubes, LUME and electroluminescent backlight ensure a crisp readout in all light conditions.

The V7 is pre-programmed to 650 cities, of which your top 10 are always kept in memory. This video shows how the V7 changes time between HOME and AWAY location.

Rediscover time.

Time is much more than hours, minutes and seconds. Can you think of anything that doesn't in some way revolve around nature's time?
From the crack of dawn to the new moon, these are the cycles that truly propel life on the planet. The sun and the moon were always the quintessential markers of time. Why not count them? Why not know how to plan around them?

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 Functions

The YES WorldWatch V7 gives you to the minute times for sunrise, sunset, zenith, true midnight, twilight as well as solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days. It also gives you times for moonrise, moonset, lunar high noon, moon phase, % illumination plus date and time for the next new and full moon.
It features a range of alarms, a stopwatch with lap time and an electromagnetic compass. We developed a unique time trim feature that allows you to set the digital time to +/- 0.5 sec a month. On the planet, there are only about half a dozen independent timepieces that manage this feat of accuracy.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Equinox

  • Astronomers use it to predict the best time for nighttime viewing of starry sky.
  • Photographers use to plan catching the magic light at dusk and dawn.
  • Pilots can use it to plan their flight, be back on ground before dusk.
  • Boaters use to plan getting back to harbor before dark sets in.
  • Bikers can plan to be safely parked by sundown.
  • Military and security operations are often nocturnal. Predicting hours of night time can be key to success.
  • A few vampires in Transylvania swear by it. :-)
  • Watch collectors. The V7 is the seventh generation YES collection. All limited edition productions.
  • Outdoorsmen find it most useful for their endeavors. Just ask Todd.
  • A wine maker in Italy uses his YES to plan when to harvest the grapes according to the moon.
  • I like to go for an ocean swim at zenith.
  • Conversation starter? You betcha. It has dozens of complications under its belt.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Goldrose Reflecting Hand

The V7 automatically adjusts for DST.
In case that changes it can be turned ON and OFF manually.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Twilight On and Off

With or without twilight?
At the push of a button to the minute times for sunrise, sunset, zenith and all three levels of twilight will display.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 - Digital Time Display

The V7 is an instrument of time.
The readouts indicate some of the time data it holds.

Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View

Ships in a sturdy box with extra compartments for tools, straps, charger and instruction manual.