Yes WorldWatch Version 7 Yes WorldWatch Version 7
V7 satin case, orange LCD, silver hand

Inspired by the sun.

In addition to keeping hours, minutes and seconds at a 0.5 sec/month accuracy, the new WorldWatch V7 also captures the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon. Paying homage to nature’s time keepers. Holistic, intuitive and accurate.

At a glance, it gives you times for sunrise and sunset, zenith, twilight and true midnight for where you are. It also alerts you to solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days and has a sunrise and sunset alarm. It also keeps time for moonrise and moonset, moon phase, % illumination plus time and date for the next new and full moon.

LUME and tritium tubes on the 24-hour dial, combined with the electroluminescent LCD back light, offers great night time readability. On a full night of charging, you'll get up 3 months of battery life. It is independent; it needs no outside signal to operate.

The V7 is programmed to 650 cities worldwide and automatically adjusts for DST changes. It also has a range of alarms, an electronic compass, a stopwatch with lap time and 6 different bezel designs to choose from.

It knows time like no other. To get one for yourself, click here.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Views

Satin finish with orange LCD and silver hand.
Your choice of bezel and soft strap.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Wireless Charging

The wireless charging is working perfectly.
Simply put it on the charging bed overnight, and you’ll be good to go for up to 3 months.

V7 satin case, orange LCD, orange hand

This is the exact same watch as described above, except it is fitted with a satin orange hand. It catches the light in a particular way. Very nice.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Goldrose Reflecting Hand

Rediscover Time.

V7 satin case, blue LCD, silver hand

The satin silvertone V7 titanium with a blue LCD screen on a soft strap. Ready to ship. Your choice of silver or blue hand, strap and bezel design. We’ll charge the watch and set it for you, it comes ready to wear.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 Soft Strap

Your choice of silicone, NATO or leather strap. The screwpins works really well for switching NATO bands. Standard lug nut width of 22 mm.

The V7 is pre-programmed to 650 cities, of which your top 10 are always kept in memory. This video shows how the V7 changes time between HOME and AWAY location.

Yes WorldWatch V7 Bezel Choices
Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View
V7 satin case, blue LCD, silver hand

The titanium satin case V7 with a 5-link bracelet and the blue LCD.

Your choice of 6 bezel designs in 4 colors. Shown above is the yellow metallic 60-minute bezel that coordinates with the minute marker on the outer yellow ring. Perfect for those who want to wear it with the digital display off, while maintaining to the minute accuracy at a glance.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 - Front and Back
Yes WorldWatch Version 7 - Clasp and Wireless Charging

The clasp offers small increments of size adjustment. On a full night of charging you’ll get about 3 months of battery life.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 - LUME Night Light

The LUME on daylight hour markers, combined with tritium tubes on nighttime hour markers and the electroluminescent backlight makes for crisp night time viewing.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 - Digital Time Display

The V7 is an instrument of time. The readouts indicate some of the time data it holds.

Yes WorldWatch Version 7 Functions
Yes WorldWatch V7 WS-5R Top View

Ships in a sturdy box with extra compartments for tools, straps, charger and instruction manual.