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ZULU 4 - YES watch
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Thousands of years ago Babylonian astronomers discovered that, as the night sky passed, 12 distinct star constellations rose above the horizon line at fairly equal intervals. We know it as the Zodiac with the twelve Signs. When to meet Anata under the starry sky could now be carefully planned, unless of course the fog rolled in.

Why not divide the day into 12 hours as well? Their glassblowing skills were first rate, and soon the hour glass business flourished. The accuracy could have been so-so, but the 24 hour conscience of time had seen the light of day.

Centuries ago, British sailors recognized the dire need for a fixed time keeping method to safely navigate the vast oceans, and in 1884, at the Washington conference, the 24 hour GMT system was adopted as the first worldwide time standard. Some called it Zulu time. In 1986 UTC replaced GMT as the world standard. UTC is radio controlled and is based on atomic measurements rather than the earth's rotation.

To honor the forefathers of time, the YES ZULU embraces all their revelations and is possibly the most comprehensive interpretation of time that money can buy. It relates both natural and modern time back to that ancient celestial 24 hour cycle. At a glance, you see times for sunrise and sunset, solar high noon, moonrise and moonset, moon phase, military time and, of course, hours, minutes and seconds in AM/PM or 2400 time mode, for wherever you are in the world.

The Marine ZULU #U103.4 - YES watch

As all YES watches the ZULU has been programmed for the next century and automatically updates for DST. It has been pre- programmed for nearly 600 cities worldwide and can be set by latitude and longitude.

It keeps digital time for 2 locations simultaneously, and has a stopwatch with lap-time, a timer, a countdown and a past and future date solunar calculator. The 24 hour bezel can be set to keep time for a third timezone.

The ZULU also has a sunrise and sunset alarm which chimes half an hour before and at the event, as well a a regular set alarm with a 10-minute snooze. A back light enables effective readout of time data in the dark.

The ZULU #U100.4 - YES watch

To celebrate our beginning we are reintroducing the nautical theme of the original YES watch collection released in 2000. The rose-gold plating on the hand, crown, bezel and links coupled with the indigo blue bezel dial and the solunar LCD creates a classic presence.


Review of ZULU watch
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The Black ZULU #U102.4 - YES watch

The hypo-allergenic titanium case and locking clasp bracelet is augmented by an anti-glare sapphire crystal with construction specs to 10ATM water-resistance. The case and outer links of the bracelet are in a satin finish to offer maximum scratch resistance. Tools are included to adjust the length of the bracelet as well as exchanging it with one of the enclosed leather or rubber bands.

Each watch is serial numbered and comes in a beautiful black box.

We offer a Two Year Limited Warranty and a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Review of ZULU watch
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ZULU watch box

This watch is absolutely great! Never before have I seen a watch that has such a beautiful design and has so many functions. The idea of using the dial of the watch to indicate night and day and moon phase is totally unique and makes a superb blend of LCD watch technology and Analog Quartz technology.

I particularly like the fact that the watch can be set to any location in the world, precise to the degree. The backlight is very sophisticated! And although the watch is "big", it sits very comfortable on my wrist, and doesn't feel or look big.

Frank Van Doorn

Back angle shot of ZULU watch

The ZULU #U100.4 - YES watch


Silvery Duo Finish
U100.4 ~ $395.00

The Marine ZULU #U103.4 - YES watch


The Marine ZULU
Rose Gold Plating
Indigo Blue
duo finish
U103.4 ~ $475.00

"The ZULU is by far my favorite watch. This watch really has altered my relationship to time/days/light and dark. It helps immensely during shooting to figure out how much daylight we have left.

As for the watch itself, after 5 months of welding, machining, and generally beating the shit out of it, I still haven't scratched the glass. A record. Oh, and the wooden case! It is incredible. Good design is such a rewarding experience."

Adam Savage

The Black ZULU #U102.4 - YES watch


The Black ZULU
minor wear on a few links
2 year warranty
U102.4 ~ $395.00

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