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Adam Savage, MYTH BUSTERS, 'The ZULU is by far my favorite watch.'


"Time is natures way of keeping everything from happening at once."


"I have just returned from a trip to the North Pole (aboard a US Navy nuclear submarine). My YES Zulu watch came in very handy in helping us determine when would be the best time to surface through the ice so we would have as much daylight as possible...and a nice full moon if we didn't have daylight."

B. Campbell
San Diego

"The ZULU is by far my favorite watch. This watch really has altered my relationship to time/days/light and dark. It helps immensely during shooting to figure out how much daylight we have left. As for the watch itself, after 5 months of welding, machining, and generally beating the shit out of it, I still haven't scratched the glass. A record. Oh, and the wooden case! It is incredible. Good design is such a rewarding experience."

Adam Savage

"I am overwhelmed. I have been a museum curator for ten years and I have never, ever received such a rich and useful collection of documentation to go along with an acquisition. This is truly a gold mine to me as an historian. To get a complete collection of artefacts, drawings, marketing and display material for an invention that has gone from 'seed of an idea' to fully-realised established product, via the first production model, is exceedingly rare, and I am extremely thankful. You can be sure that it will be well used and of huge interest."

David Rooney
Curator of Time, Royal Observatory, Greenwich

"On our private Clock design wiki we've had a link to your YES watches for a while now, as one of the few existing clock & time display systems we study closely."

Stewart Brand

"This is the best thing that's been done in on-wrist timekeeping in decades!"

Mike Weinberg

"I love having data on the sun and moon, making YES so much more than just a time-keeper. The fact that it has gained less than 7 seconds in almost 5 months is a wonderful bonus -- at this level of accuracy, I don't need atomic radio control."

Peter Ward

"Much of our movements and fighting is typically at night and YES became the information source for the 1st Tank Battalion to determine when the sun and moon would rise and set, based on the lat/lon that could be loaded in for wherever we were in Iraq ."

CW02 B. Sean Fairburn SOC, ICCA, USMCR
 High Definition Combat Cinematographer
Operation Iraqi Freedom

"I work in an office, and keeping track of the day helps me feel more connected to reality. Yes really provides a planetary view of time. I also love the PET function of the watch - for instance, I know that it is 41 days until my wedding anniversary."

Greg Paulus

"I'm in the aircraft engine business at GE and so I have a real appreciation for the efforts that are put into highly technical products. This is exquisite!! Just to let you know, I have not taken it off since it arrived. I collect watches and have some very outstanding time pieces, but this, until you come up with something more interesting, will be my favorite."

Walter Smith

"There is a force within that gives you life. Seek that."


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