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Tech Specs

Time Data Display Capabilities
Pre-programmmed for 583 cities worldwide years 2000-2099 The watch can also be set by Latitude & Longitude
24-60-60 Data
YES™ keeps time for HOME & AWAY locations simultaneously
It shows: Hours - Minutes - Seconds in 2400 or AM/PM mode - Location - Year - DOY (Day Of Year) - Week # - LAT/LON
Automatically adjusts for DST
Symbol bezel with 2400 inner dial
9999 Day Countdown - Phase Elapsed Time
24 hour Stopwatch with Lap Time
Alarm with 10 minute snooze
Aqua Blue Back Light
Digital Time can be turned OFF
Sun and Moon Data
24 Hour Solar Hand & 24 Hour Dial
Times for Sunrise - Sunset - Solar High Noon
Day/Night Display
Solstice & Equinox Alerts
Sunrise Alarm half an hour before and at sunrise
Alternate City Sun Data can be visually compared
Times for Moonrise - Moonset - Moon Up/Down
Moon Phase - % Lunar Illumination
Next New & Full Moon Data
Past/Future Sun/Moon data calculator for 2000-2099
Can be used as Compass

Product Specifications
Size mm 48x15 48x15 48x15
inches 1-13/16x9/16 1-13/16x9/16 1-13/16x9/16
Weight Metal Band 4.7oz - 133g 4.7oz - 133g 4.7oz - 133g
Leather Band 2.7oz - 76g 2.7oz - 76g 2.7oz - 76g
Bracelet Size with Locking Clasp 22mm 22mm 22mm
Materials Case & Bracelet titanium titanium titanium
Crystal AG sapphire AG sapphire AG sapphire
Bezel 2400+am/pm Rhythm+2400 Symbol+2400
Packaging Heirloom Case Heirloom Case Heirloom Case
Size mm 43x16 43x16 43x16
inches 1-10/16x9/16 1-10/16x9/16 1-10/16x9/16
Weight Metal Band 5.5oz - 156g 5.5oz - 156g 5.5oz - 156g
Leather Band 3.0oz - 85g 3.0oz - 85g 3.0oz - 85g
Bracelet Size with Locking Clasp 20mm 20mm 20mm
Materials Case & Bracelet steel steel steel
Crystal AG sapphire AG sapphire AG sapphire
Bezel 2400+am/pm Rhythm+2400 Symbol+2400
Packaging black box black box black box
Batteries LCD CR 2032 2 years estimated battery life
Analog V 364 5 years estimated battery life
Water Resistance : 10 ATM = 100 meters = 333 feet
Screwback & Double O-rings on Crown and Pushers
2 Year Limited Warranty on all models
Each watch is Serial Numbered
Comes with Instruction Manual and Link Adjustment Tool
Leather strap and Rubber divers strap are included
All gold-plating is 10 microns thick
Time Revolutionized

The YES™ watch offers a broad universe of time keeping.

The 24-hour hand points to time on the 24 hour dial, 12 o'clock noon on top, midnight on bottom.

The unique LCD shows the ratio of day and night, times for sunrise and sunset, as well as times for moonrise, moonset and lunar phase for wherever you are.

Once set the watch automatically updates time data daily through the years 2000 - 2099 The watch is pre-programmed for 583 cities worldwide, but can also be set by longitude/latitude.

The digital display tracks time for two locations, while the bezel can be set to a third.


12 o'clock noon on top
Solar High Noon displayed digitally

Digital Time

Shows the following data for any location worldwide:
Hours - Minutes - Seconds

Location-Year-Day of Year - Week #-Latitude-Longitude

Sunrise-Solar High Noon-Sunset

% Moon Illumination-Moonrise-Moonset

Date and time of next new moon

Date and time of next full moon

Keeps digital time for 2 locations simultaneously - HOME & AWAY

Also displays Alarm time and other functions

Digital time can be turned off.


The top light half of display shows length of day, from sunrise to sunset. Each solar segment represents 15 minutes.


When the sun rises, about 5:45 am or 0545.


The bottom dark half of display shows length of night from sunset to sunrise.


When the Evening star comes up. Each lunar segments corresponds to 15 minutes. This outer LCD ring has additional functions. Please see Instruction Manual for complete listing.


12 o'clock midnight on the bottom

24 Hour Hand

The hand points to time on the 24-hour dial.


Lunar darkness begins.


Left half of dial is the AM, right half is the PM. 24 hour dial is also available.


Rotating bezel showing military time can be set as third time zone. Symbol bezel is also available.


As the natural rhythms of the sun and the moon changes daily and seasonally the YES watch keeps up with them through the year 2099.

Lunar Phase

A visual rendition of what the moon will look like in the sky tonight. Each lunar segment represents about 44 hours. Exact percentage illumination can be shown digitally. When traveling down under the display flip-flops to mirror the man in the moon correctly.

San Francisco
March 16, 2004
8:47 am, night and day are the same length.
Spring Equinox coming up.
On equinoxes and solstices the watch displays a solar pattern.
Sunrise alarm icon is on.
June 3, 2013
Full moon, watch out.
See how long the days are, dance all night.
Summer solstice falls on June 21, no sleep then.
September 22, 2055
Down under, the cycle of summer and winter is opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.
Summer is coming up down here.
The lunar display flip-flops as well to accurately reflect the visual moon in the sky.
Bezel set for San Diego.
December 20, 2088
Long, cold nights, fireplace weather. Winter solstice falls on December 21st, the shortest day of the year.
Bezel set for lunar cycle.

A Global Time Peace.

The hand movement comes from Switzerland, the sapphire crystal from Germany and the chip is from Japan. The solar and lunar calculations are based on formulas from the US Navy and Meeus's algorithms. The PET countdown function comes from NASA. The programming is done out of Hong Kong with case and assembly completed in China.

Inspired by tribal shamans, ancestral astronomers, British chronologists and Swiss watch- makers, YES™ is headquartered in California, USA with a Viking at the helm.

YES™ is truly an international time watch, a symbol for one world.

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