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YES Tati

By replacing the 24-hour analog hand with a digital hand we were able to shrink the case thickness to where it is no longer objectionable. It is still a sizeable time piece, but the oval shape coupled with an embracing cuff leather band and a smoothly profiled case makes it a very comfortable wear for even the smallests of wrists.

The white version looks like a mid-summer day, the black "TATI" is downright stealthy.

Eliminating the analog hand turned out to have a silver lining, offering improvement in LCD readability.

Tati Serial Number
Each case is serial numbered.

Tati Slim Profile
The profile is shaped to wear
smooth on the wrist.

At the oval center you have the steady beat of HR:MIN or MIN:SEC, based on your choice. The 24-hour flashing hand points to time on the outside dial. 12 o'clock noon is on the top, midnight is on the bottom.

This time display adjusts automatically for DST and is programmed for nearly 600 cities worldwide.

The outer golden dial of the LCD indicates solar time. It shows when the sun rises and when it sets. the length of day and night. The flashing hand shows you where in the daily cycle you are.

The digital readout will give you times for sunrise, sunset and solar high noon.

The inner yellow dial of the LCD indicates lunar time. It shows time for moonrise and moonset, moon up and moon down. The smaller circle indicates lunar phase while the digital readout will give you % lunar illumination as well as the time and date for the next new and full moons.

It also features an alarm which chimes half an hour before and at sunrise and sunset, a regular alarm with 10-min snooze, a 24-hour stopwatch with laptime, a 99 minute timer with alarm, a past and future date time calculator and a 999 day countdown/up. The watch is programmed for the years 2000-2099 and has a back light for night viewing.

Tati Side View
Great efforts were
put towards making
the case profile fit well
with the leather cuff and
offer a smooth touch,
to be easy on the wrist.

On solstices, cross quarters and equinoxes the watch will flash a solar pattern and display the event name. The digital time can be turned off.

The case has engraved symbols that coincide with a 24 hour dial. It is sculpted out of a chunk of stainless steel and fitted with an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The watch comes in an oval presentation box, with an instruction manual and a two year warranty.

As far as watches go, few carry as much useful time information as the "TATI".

If you are thinking about getting a new watch, try this one.

Review of TATI watch

Review of TATI watch

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of the TATI, please click the logos above.

The TATI #T600.3 - YES watch

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The TATI watch is constructed of
solid stainless steel with a sapphire
crystal and water-resistance to 5 ATM.
The case measures 12 x 37 x 43 mm.

Tati Bezel
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of the call-outs above.


Tati Oval Box
The TATI comes in a nice oval box
and an instruction manual.

Tati Watch Bands
The leather bands
have quick-release springpins,
for easy exchange
The cuff can be removed.

The Black TATI #T602.3 - YES watch
The Black TATI #T602.3 - YES watch
The TATI - YES watch The TATI #T600.3 - YES watch
The TATI #T600.3 - YES watch


The black TATI
black IP duo steel finish
Black Band
T602.3 ~ $245.00


duo steel finish
White Band
T600.3 ~ $195.00
Only 10 left

If you want to a different color leather band, please specify color when ordering. Thank you.

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