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Yes Watch Equilibrium: The most intelligent wrist watch on the planet.

Listening intently.

There is no better product feed back than what you get from caring customers, from those who plunked down hard earned cash to buy. Over the years we have listened intently and taken notes. Much of what we have learned has been incorporated into our new Equilibrium YES watch collection. It is a great leap forward both in terms of time keeping ability and accuracy, as well as in a superbly crafted titanium case and bracelet. No detail has gone unnoticed.

On August 15, 2016, after years of development, testing and refinement I finally held in my hands a fully operational Equilibrium v6 prototype module. It is the heart of the watch, what makes it tick and is an incredibly intricate engineering job. It was a beautiful moment.

These videos were shot on Koh Samui, a place easy to fall in love with.

Yes Watch Equilibrium: Day and Night Comparison.

The new YES watch Equilibrium collection.

The Equilibrium collection is made in titanium with an anti-glare sapphire crystal. It has an ana-digit construction, which means that it combines a Swiss analog hand movement with a proprietary digital display and programming. A powerful chip using complex solar and lunar algorithms enablingĀ a more comprehensive time data capability than found in any other watch.

Here is a listing of what it has to offer:

  • 48x17mm titanium case constructed to 10 ATM water-resistance specifications.
  • 22mm bracelet attachment with locking clasp. Regular titanium color and black IP plating available. Sapphire crystal with AG on inside.
  • Proprietary YES v6 24-hour solunar ana-digital quartz movement. Automatic setting of the 24-hour hand when location is changed or set. Ronda Swiss movement. Tritium tube on tip of hand.
  • Inner 24 hour dial with 24 tritium tubes in three different colors.
  • Choice of 5 different bezels in black, metallic orange or metallic yellow.
  • Choice of bracelets:
    3 or 5-link titanium bracelets with in titanium color or black IP plating.
    Silicone straps in black, orange and yellow
    Leather bands in black or dark tan.
    NATO straps in a variety of colors.


  • Powered by rechargeable lithium battery, 3 months battery life from one night of charging. Digital power reserve indicator. Comes with charging clip that connects to your computer or battery adaptor via USB.
  • Digital compass with 0-360 degree read out and N-S-E-W markers.
  • Near white backlight.
  • Times for sunrise, zenith, sunset and true midnight. Sunrise and sunset alarms with 0-60 minute adjustable pre-alarm time.
  • Times for twilight: civil, nautical and astronomical.
  • Times for moon rise, lunar high noon and moonset. Lunar phase display, % luminance and waxing/waning moon indicators. Date and time for next new and full moons.
  • Equinox, solstice and cross quarter day alerts.
  • Location, Year, Month, Date, Day, Time, LAT/LON, TZ, DST, DOY and Week # displayed in sequence at the touch of a button.


  • Pre-programmed for 600 cities worldwide, 10-city time data in memory. Switch between HOME and AWAY time at the push of a button with automatic setting of hand.
  • 7 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Norwegian and Italian.
  • Digital time display in AM/PM or 2400 format.
  • Automatically adjusts for DST and TZ.
  • Solar and lunar dials have 192 segments, 8 for each hour, one for every 7-1/2 minutes.
  • Extremely fine dot matrix allows for beautifully sculpted digits and letters for easy readability.
  • Alarm capability: Stop Watch with lap times, lap memory and total time elapsed.
    Daily Alarm with 10-minute snooze.
    0-99 minute timer
    Hourly alarm, like grandpas cuckoo clock. Hour range set by user.
    999 day-hrs-min-sec count down/up.
    Professional Regatta alarm with alarms, postponement capability and stopwatch with lap times.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty.
Yes Watch Equilibrium: Bezels. Yes Watch Equilibrium: Straps.

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