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Practical Applications.

There are many events in our daily lives which revolve around the timing of the sun and
the moon. Your typical watch doesn't capture these cycles, but YES™ does.
The YES™ watch offers a broad interpretation of time and the ability to plan your day
accordingly. Here are some of the practical applications:

Whenever and wherever you land, you will know local time at the push of a button.
Plus, the unique day and night display will quickly transition you to local time and ease your jet lag.

The best time for astronomers to view the universe is when the sky is at its darkest. The
YES™ watch provides this information at a glance so you can plan the best viewing times.
It calculates pertinent sun and moon data from 2000 through 2099

Boating changes a lot after dark. With this watch you can plan ahead.

Twilight and approaching darkness is a hazard that disorients even experienced pilots.
Sometimes it is simply best to be back on the ground before darkness falls. Lunar time display
will indicate degree of lunar illumination.

Film & Photography
The magic hour captured to the minute repeatedly with precision. Solar high noon. Automatic
sunrise alarm. Degree and where on horizon line sun will rise and set Sun and moon time
data through the year 2099.

Add a true celestial chronograph to your watch collection, which could never be complete
without a timepiece from YES™.

World Timing
The YES™ watch keeps time for 583 cities worldwide and automatically adjusts for DST.
With business and personal relationships spanning the globe YES™ is the one watch that
keeps track of it all.

The moon's influence on fish and wild game behavior has long been observed. The YES™
watch provides all the pertinent moon data for fishermen to optimize their timing, and
keeps hunters equally informed with sunrise and sunset time down to the minute.

The sun, the most basic symbol of light, appears in all the world religions and the YES™
watch tracks the all encompassing solar and lunar cycles upon which our calendar is based.

Military and Police Operations
Military and police operations are planned around daylight and moonlight, or the
absence thereof. The YES™ watch can be used by military and police strategists to plan
daytime and nighttime operations.

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